How should I tell this guy I can't go out with him anymore?

I've been on 3 dates with this guy. The first date I didn't find him all that interesting. He just seemed kinda boring when it came to conversing. At the end of the date he kissed me and we made out really passionately which was kind of uncomfortable for me because I like to take things very slow. The second date he was super sweet, just held my hand and we had a good conversation. We even talked about sex and he guessed that I'm waiting until marriage and I told him he was right. He said he really respected that.
Well on our third date he invited me over to watch a movie and drink. I was trying tequila for the first time and had no idea it would get me so drunk so fast. We made out and he kept trying to get to second base (possibly further?), but I wouldn't let him. My common sense was still there aside from being drunk.
He texted me the next day and wanted to know when I could come over again. I told him I didn't think I should and then he said we don't have to drink the next time. So I asked him if that would keep him from trying to get to second base and he said yeah if that bothered me that much.

I feel bad for not knowing how to tell him it's over. I know the main reason I'm attracted to him is because he's cute and he's a good kisser, but I don't think personality-wise, he's my type. And I think he may feel the same, but how do I end it? Do I text him? We've never talked on the phone so I feel like that would be weird. What should I do?


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  • You have to decide, do you "care" how it ends with him? Is he in your friend circle or just some guy? Situation should be handled differently in both scenarios... I will go with some random guy... Since you are young, a mature approach will turn into an argument so keep blowing him off and he will get the message, if you wanna be really nice, tell him you want to just be friends and need to focus on school etc.


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  • Tell him exactly what you told us.

  • if he is ignorant to the signals you are sending him as far as boundaries you shouldn't have to be concerned about how delicate you are with letting him know. i'd honestly want to know if i was conducting myself improperly with a woman otherwise id be an idiot again. make yourself an example of teaching how to love someone else by being direct with him


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