Girls: How low should my standards be?

Judging by my physical appearance, how low should my standards be? Are cute and pretty girls out of my league? I'm 21 and never had a date and it really worries me. Looking for totally honest feedback here.

This is me (copy and paste): imgur. com/a/aFOiS

I think I have an interesting face, but I'm not sure if translates to good or bad..

Link didn't work, try this one:
imgur. com/5Wh1wsB


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  • Tbh I don't think you're bad looking at all but you need confidence! That makes a guy more attractive.

    Even just in that picture you look upset, or insecure. If you look like that regularly people might just automatically assume that you're a sad or insecure person. It's easy to tell when someone is insecure, the way you walk and carry yourself can really show it too.

    It sounds stupid but I had to be taught this too in therapy, bc I had bad self image too. Walk with your shoulders back and don't slouch when you sit. Just walking with your head up and your shoulders back already make you look more confident than if you walk with your head and shoulders facing down. And smile more! You'll look better that way, honestly.

    And you know what, like what YOU like. "Cute and pretty girls" can mean short blonde girls to me and you might like tall dark haired girls. Like whatever you like, and keep your confidence and one day you will find someone I promise. :)


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  • You look nice, I think confidence is your problem.

    Yes, there needs to be attraction so Im not telling you to go for every girl ( even though that way would definetly get girl fast) but just dobt turn picky.

  • hmmm, you are okay, for me any guy becomes hot when he is confident... so maybe that's all you need?


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  • I copied and pasted on google but nothing, either way man, if looks aren't your strong suit, develop other things that u can offer to a woman. Not talking money...

    • Hmm try this one maybe it will work

      imgur. com/5Wh1wsB

    • Whoops I meant this one

      imgur. com/5Wh1wsB

    • For some reason there is a space between the. And com...