Should I tell him? I want to though?

Should I tell my best guy friend, that is online.. that he is my first love. We've known each other since we were 10. Now we're both almost 17. We used to webcam, so he is real.. yes. We don't pull relationships but we act like we're in a relationship by saying how we want to be in each others arms and how he wants to kiss me. We're both waiting until we're older. Our parents know about us.. But I don't want to sound creepy.

He's really chill, and he basically was my kid crush! And he is my first love. We just like each other non stop. I see a future with him.. I really do. From the things we tell each other. I just see it..


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  • If you feel like that, then I believe that you should do it. It shoulds like that's what you really want! Always trust your feelings and go after what you desire. This looks like that is what you desire, so do it!

  • I was in a situation like yours when I was around your age. It can be great dating someone like that just know that everything changes when you get together. And if you two break up it will never we be the same as it was before.

  • please go ahead


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