Hot married friend of mine?

I don't know what she wants if anything? But a married ex coworker if mine who's super hot and I talk all the time. When We used to work together she emailed me out of the blue one day and from there we started chatting. Now we still chat but it's mostly me initiating things but she would always chat with me over the course a couple days. Anyways, we talked about going to lunch together (with a third whelk of course) but so far it hasn't happened.

Anyway she only has my personal email and I only have her work email. Last night she sent me an email from her personal email that had a ;) as the subject and had a link to a funny YouTube video with a guy explaining about women being hot and crazy on some scale he invented. Lol

So the email had the link, her name, and her cell phone number and that's it. I was def surprised to get the email. But can't tell, what she wants? Please don't judge me and say why are you after married women? Because I'm not after her or chasing her at all, we're friends, but I don't know if her husband would be cool with this or what.


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  • If she is keeping it a secret from her husband it's cheating. You are already attracted to her so you should just stop all forms of interaction. You have no right to cause this sort of pain to her husband he didn't do anything to you. If she's unhappy it's her fucking problem to fix it or get a divorce. She's a back stabbing bitch for breaking the trust in her marriage.

    • Yea I can't tell with her what's up. We have a mutual friend he's much younger than her and I. I know she talks to him frequently and they have gone to lunch together. I know he's friends with her husband at least on Facebook and LinkedIn. So I can't tell if this is different with her and I. I thought maybe she'd email soon, but from work and not fairly late from a personal email with her cell phone on it?


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  • Tell Her That You Have Husband Love Her and you May Stay Out of This May be You are Cause Of Wall In Future Between Them... Then You Will Accept Her If She Put Such Kind of Step...


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  • Yep, something is up for sure. She gave you her number, she is definitely interested. She may be going through a stale or boring phase of her marriage, may be her husband isn't paying attention to her, whatever... Just be there as a friend, don't make things messy, especially if she just being overly friendly.

    • Yea I'm trying to man. I was super shocked when she emailed me it was like 11pm. And her number was in there and I don't know...