Girls, I need your opinion! Should I give up or keep trying?


I met this girl 2 months ago at a bar. She is a friend of a friend. I introduced myself and talked to her for an hour, then got her number.

We texted (quite long texts) and she kept saying ''I hope we run into each other soon'' or something like that.

Then she left to Europe for 2 weeks for vacation. I sent her a Facebook message to know how she's doing. She told me ''Yeah, we'll have time to grab a drink when I come back''

Then I texted her again when she came back and she took 4 days to reply to my text. She said that she was sick and she forgot and asked me how I was and if I had any vacation. I then told her about a festival of short movies where I plan to go to, and asked her to join. She told me that she likes cinema but she's not a huge fan, but told me to send her the link and she'll check it out. (BTW She literally took 24h to reply to my text... I find it annoying and rude)

To me, I see that as a no. What do you think?

I'm tired of playing games, I don't know if she is or not.

Should I send her the link and see if she responds?


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  • Sounds like she wants to keep you dangling. Any guy I'm interested in I would respond to as soon as I can and not 4 days or 24 hours later. Also if I liked him, I wouldn't care what we did together if he asked me out, I'd just want to hang out with him. Games are super annoying and it seems so many want to play them. I would not send her the link and just move on, but it's ultimately your choice.


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  • Send her the link and if she takes ages to reply, just tell her it's okay and you've found someone willing to go

  • When she is back - ask her for a drink.

    She's busy - let her think about a date with you. She has probably forgotten how nice you are in person.

    Keep trying. But don't be annoying.

  • Yeah forget her she is not into you

  • Dude she's in Europe time differences apply


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  • She clearly not interested in you romantically, or maybe she's just confused so she's taking her time to figure it out. In any case, you don't need to be part of this 'game' anymore. You showed interested, and her response wasn't what you expected. That's fine, she's not the only girl in the world. You'd better move on, and stop wasting time with her. Besides, whatever the case may be, it is indeed rude for anyone to take so long to reply to texts unless they have some valid reason for it. If you proceed further with this girl, there is a very high likelihood of you being disappointed, by being rejected or friendzoned.