What is the likelihood of this happening again? Really crazy story?

So I've been flirting with this man whose 15 years older than me. He drives a nice car that I'm literally obsessed with trying to own so that doesn't help me. haha. That's how we ended up starting to talk. We have met up twice, first time was exciting he picked me up in the middle of the night and we had a good time getting to know each other. No sex though. I honestly feel like I bother him a lot which is why I never thought the second time would happen. I know he's busy a lot but I hate and love the thrill of this adventure. This guy brings something out sexually in me that I've never experienced before. I know he's not doing it on purpose and I can't help it :x I really really want to fuck him in his car. We've already had sex the second time we met up, in his apartment. It was super passionate, fun, and worth it. He's the first older man I've ever slept with or had these kind of feelings for. I just want to have a fun sexual relationship with him. But Im afraid of just telling him so Im always sending him sexy selfies and cute texts that he never responds to lol -__- but he'll message me random times and not always for a meet up. It's hard to tell what he wants but again, he's super busy.. he's a high ranking officer in a busy resort town.. :x it took 3 weeks for us to finally have sex and to meet up a second time. What do you think the likelihood of this happening again is? I really want to explore things sexually with this guy I don't know why! Im just so attracted to him. lol this is very adventurous for me.


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  • Ask him to take you somewhere in the car. Then when you are somewhere remote, ask him to pull over
    and go at it. You can entice him by exposing while he is driving, or starting to play with yourself to get his attention. Then he is sure to jump you. Sounds like fun...


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  • I guess it's the "rush" and excitement you feel whenever you are with him that makes you wanna see him again. If you're single and he is single, why stop that feeling? Just make sure you are ready for anything so it won't hurt so much in the end when all the excitements fade.

    • Yea maybe thats it. I really do hope it happens again.. Lol