Is he testing me to see if I like him or does he just like me?

I met this guy a couple weeks ago and we've hung out with other friends and sometimes he just looks at me for a full minute straight which feels pretty long lol For example: We took a picture with everyone and we were next to each other--he put his arm around me and his hand on my shoulder during the photo and then afterwards, I was across from him talking to other people and he just stood there and kept looking at me for a while. I looked at him a couple times and he was looking at me right in the eyes lol but AFTER that he just looked down and away and he looked sad? Is it because I didn't really keep eye contact with him? I feel like that was his test to see if I like him or something. What do you guys think? I'm 18, he is 22 by the way


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  • He probably likes you but feels you are out of his league or that you wouldn't like him. It sounds to me he has a desire to ask you out but doesn't have the confidence to do it.


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  • Sounds to me like he likes you. This happened to me with a guy, and everyone said he seems to be interested. I think these unintentional hints like staring give more away than obvious flirting. I guess he is shy and might not know if you are interested or not.
    If you are, be nice (not overly clingy) and show it! I was too shy and played it cool/ uninterested and lost him :-(