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This guy i like hates to text, but i miss him so much. We went on a few dates and we talked bout almost everything, he looked into my eyes alot. But thats also because he thinks my eyes are amazing. We went to see a movie though and we barely touched eachother. I'm confused and i don't know if he likes me, what should i do?


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  • Sounds like he's a shy guy, give it some time. I wouldn't take the "barely touched each other" part the wrong way. He was probably too shy or nervous. Whenever I was going through the motions of hooking up with a girl I was really into it was hard for me to get really close to and touch because I would get butterflies in my stomach or I would get that feeling in my gut you get when your on a roller coaster. Like I said before give it some time.


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  • he's a nice shy guy & mostly been in very few relationships and he's not used to do such things such as holding hands & stuff... just hold his hand & I'm sure things will take a whole other romantic turn,


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