Why ask about an ex you hurt?

Recently a friend of mine ran into the first girlfriend I had my freshman year in high school. He said that she was quick to cut the bullshit and ask about me, like how I was doing? am I married? do I have kids? shit of that nature. When I dated this girl I went through hell! Her older brother who was a senior at the time beat the shit out of me along with three of his buddies because he didn't want me dating her. I met her parents and they turned out to be weird hardcore church going people and I was forced to go to church on the weekends with them and participate in church retreats and shit of that nature if I wanted to continue dating her. I endured all this and more just to be with her. I was head over heels for her and followed all the rules her parents put down for me so that I could continue to see her, I never had sex with her either because that was the number one "NO, NO" rule that I was reminded of constantly by her parents. During summer break I went to work for my dad and I really didn't have much time to spend with her on the weekends so after summer break I returned to school and found out she was banging this little rat faced guy that tried to hang around the circle of friends I had. I confronted them both and the dude admitted to it and she just cried. Through out my school years I would occasionally have her in a class or two and it seems like all she would do is try and hurt me, she would sit in class and have most of the guys gather around her while she talked about how much she loves sucking dick and fucking, shit that was just ridiculous. I never gave her any reaction I just endured and moved on even though it did hurt and piss me off because I treated her with respect and she screwed me over.
After all this time why the hell would someone ask so much about someone they hurt, humiliated and embarrassed?


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  • From what I take of the story is that she liked you and is just immature.


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  • I'll answer that for you. When you meet someone very special and let them go, you could never forget. So even though she may have done what she's done, she wants to know what life she could've had. That's what one of my exes did when she found out that I have my degree. So I wouldn't worry too much about her. If you see her just be respectful and try not to rekindle feelings for her and just do you as you've been doing. Don't let her dictate your life, stay strong. Hope this helps.