What do guys honestly find most attractive in girls?

I know every guy has their preference on what type of girl they would want but what would be traits or qualities in your dream girl?


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  • Honestly a great personality, kind, giving, honest, compassionate, caring etc. looks are kind of like the icing on the cake; like "hey I'm lucky" I don't believe all guys want someone that just looks good. If a girl can't hold a conversation or have a little sarcasm it makes for a full girlfriend. So don't worry about dolling yourself up everyday. Do that on dates to really show them how pretty you are, if a guy can't ask you out on a date at your worst; why does he deserve you at your best. I hoped I answered your questions.

    Good luck! :)


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  • I have discussed this with a couple of friends. There are four categories, Face, butt, breasts and legs, these are important in the following ratio 3:1:1:1. Most guys like big breasts, many like big butts some like smaller but firm/hard butts. There is some debate regarding legs but most agree that they must be thin but have some meat in them, you cannot be excessively thin or too fat.

    As for the face, here it becomes very hard to judge. I personally tend to like smaller noses, I do not care much about the eye colour. I like original haircuts, I really hate the long straight hairstyle, it is too lazy and unoriginal. I do not have a particular liking for any hair colour. I like girls who smile a lot, it makes them look kind and sweet. I prefer light skin tones and my favourite races/ethnicities in order are White, Asian, Black, Indian.

    Dream girl? I have more than one. I fantasize about a girl with white skin, light brown short hair, glasses and big breasts while being relatively thin (not skinny).

  • Doesn't it depend on the guy?

  • Someone who doesn't shave off all of their pubic hair.


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