Is confidence the key to getting the girl I want?

So I'm wondering if confidence is the key to getting any girl? I mean of course you have to smell good and dress nice which I got that down. I work and I'm no scrub. But haven't had that one meaningful relationship yet.. I'm only 18 and I'll tell you now I'm not looking for marriage but it'd be nice to have someone who will listen to my problems.. I've gotten some confidence but it always comes down cause I constantly remind myself I'm to big. I'm not huge but I weigh like 265 and I'm 6'0 tall.. Is my low confidence keeping me from the ladies or is it my weight? Girls? You take on this..


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  • You're big. You can lose weight. That will help with your confidence. But yes, confidence can over come a lot of body issues to women.

  • It is "key" as in it is important. It is not "the" key, in the sense that if you have it, you're made and you don't need to worry about anything else.