Have you ever sent someone a message asking them out on a date or a marriage proposal and get so nervous for their response?

It's like even if you don't put your heart into it being rejected still will hurt how do you cope with that.


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  • If you send someone a message proposing marriage, they will probably say no. Save that question for in person. Sending a marriage proposal message is only setting yourself up for rejection.

    I always get nervous messaging guys I like because I'm scared they won't respond. I tried texting this guy I liked and he just didn't respond. So I think before you ask them out, you need to have been texting/messaging them for a while. If they don't respond to "hey how's it going" then there's no way they will go out with you. So wait until you find someone who you can have full conversations with, and from there you can try asking them out.

    • Yeah well would if your conversations are frequent and she likes your statues sometimes and you both come from a culture where skipping dating and going straight to marriage is normal?

    • well I don't know any culture like that. If that is the case then you need to seek advice from someone else in your culture.
      If your conversations are frequent and she likes your statuses then I think she will probably say yes if you ask her out. So my advice is to ask her out and see what happens.

    • This culture is common in the middle east they get engaged first and if they don't like each other they will just break up.

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  • Senior year of high school I left two big bags full of balloons with letters inside of them spelling out words asking a friend to prom. Not only did I have to wait until the next day to see what she would say, but I woke up the next morning to a thunderstorm so I didn't even know if she would get the balloons before they all blew away. Probably wasn't my greatest idea ever.


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  • YES.

    And he usually was too busy so I usually got hurt D:

    Now even texting him makes me super nervous.

    • How do you cope with it?

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    • Yeah I have been on both ends of the coin so I know how it feels to reject someone else as well cause you can't make them like you so it's best to leave it alone and do activities that make you happy.

    • I always got super happy if he responded to a text (super guy text). I still do. Even if it is him saying he is too busy

  • Yeah. It hurt me a lot when I asked this guy out one time. I coped with it by just ignoring it so I won't regret ever asking him. We're okay friends now and talk every so often. :)

    • Yeah it only stings really badly if you put your heart into it right?

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    • It's okay :)

  • blondfrog, date me pls

  • No worst, I have sent guys a normal picture of me or my username for a social network hoping that he'll contact me back.:(That will make you feel UGLY.


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  • Yup, I always propose marriage to girls over text. LOL

    No but yeah we've all been there. I think everyone gets nervous when they send a risky text message.


    • Sponge Bob shows how to really be human he shows every emotion and knows what the pressure of being a human being feels like.