The Next Day?

After meeting a girl at a club/dance. Like a friday night downtown night. Is it better to call or text, because you both were most likely drunk while meeting and exchanging numbers. Would you like a call or be like wow, already loves me? or a text and decide if you would like to keep in touch


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  • Text. Throw in your name and where you met her as a quick reminder, tell her you'd like to see her again. I have never forgotten the guys who really caught my eye on a night out, no matter how drunk I was, so if she's interested she will remember you and respond.


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  • text her but as long as you know when you meet someone at a place like that its just for a hookup no relationship.

  • text! because if she doesn't want to talk to you or if she doesn't remember u, you don't want to seem retarded on the phone. c if she is interested in you then call her


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  • In general, I think texting is a bad habit. Men and women can have trouble enough communicating when they actually use vowels. Texting is so impersonal, so indirect ... it hardly feels like real communication to me. Girls like texting because it gives the *illusion* of communication without really accomplishing anything worthwhile. Kinda like when girls sit around and talk about their feelings and fool themselves into believing that they've learned some great and noble truth about humanity.

    The women are suggesting that you text this girl because 1) it gives the girl an easy way to avoid talking to you and 2) it gives the girl control over whether or not to reply, and when to reply.

    I recommend that you call, but do not leave a message the first time if she doesn't pick up. Ideally, you want to talk to her directly. If she doesn't answer, call her again the next day. Use your voice to sound confident and direct.

    Which sounds better to you?

    #1: "Hi Jessica, this is Macintire, we met at the club the other night, I was the tall guy with the red shirt. I really want to pick up our conversation where we left off, so give me a call and we can go to dinner this weekend!"

    #2: Hi Jssca. Rmember me? McIntire frm clb. Rd shirt, tall guy. Wnt 2 go 2 dinner?

    Puh-leeze. There's no contest. One sounds like a man who knows what he wants. The other looks like a message scrawled in a notebook by a nervous 7th grader. You might as well text "Do you like me? Check Yes__ or No__"