What am I suppose to do when I feel unwanted?

Im 22 and i feel very unwanted. In high school i was single (not trying to be). Guys didn't like me. Everytime i let a friend know how i feel or met guy and we become really good friends and i would tell him how i feel about him, after that he would just stop all communication with me. I would text but never get a reply. Im left with the feeling that I'm always doing something wrong. I feel like I'm only used for sex and i don't wanna feel that way but lately its been happening, like i told this guy that i met that i was still a virgin and he stopped talking to me, how should i feel about that? i laughed but it really hurt. I never had a boyfriend and because i keep getting lied to and played its come to me not trusting guys.


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  • Join the crowd child i am right with you , i know all about feeling unwanted
    high school sucked for me , getting bullied listening to all the haters and
    all the mind games being played on me, over the years you do harden up
    hell don't let the asshole men get you down over being a virgin , i am 46 never
    had actual sex with a woman


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  • Wow. Some people are just dicks thts how i was and now im a dick to ppl, i felt like i wasn't part of society and i learned to live with it now i dont care what people think. And you should never feel down over a guy thier is plenty of them out their cheer up :)

  • you need positive reinforcement, you should wake up in the morning, whenever you feel unwanted and repeat to yourself that you are beautiful and deserve to be loved, eventually you will begin to believe it and it will help you in almost every aspect of your life

  • Get to know the guy you like so you know if he's an asshole or not.


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  • You are a gorgeous gal, and this is coming from a straight female.. those lips oooh girl! ahaha
    Do you come on too strong?
    Do you have a bitchy personality?
    Are you over 20 pounds overweight?
    Predominately white area? I don't believe the "color blind" shit White people only date whites.