Did I just get dumped before we were even something?

So I recently met a guy from a dating site, our first "date" was at the movies. The second date was at a theme park. He paid the first date (movie tickets). The second date I paid, you know to show him that I was intrested, (both admissions and parking). Since the second date he has only wrote me twice, we used to talk every single day. I understand the message says unread but I need to hear other opinions, is he ignoring me for good? If he writes back should I ignore him too? Or am I over thinking this?


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  • How long has it been? If only a short time, give it some more time. If you like him, I wouldn't suggest ignoring him. You would both lose if you did that. Why cut off your nose to spite your face? Just wait and see what happens. Maybe something came up.

  • Give it a little bit more time. It's inconclusive.


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