How do I know he still likes me, please help?

Okay, me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year. And, he has these weird mood swings if you would say that. One week he will talk to me, wait for me, walk with me, and what not. Then, the next week he will not say one word to me. He will just stare, constantly. I don't attempt to talk to him on "these weeks" because I don't know if he is angry with me or not. Then, if I try to catch up to him and walk by him it seems as if he walks even faster. What do I do? This makes me so upset, because I really love him and I don't want this relationship to end. When this happens I feel like all I wanna do is cry, and I usually, obviously have a bad day just because of that.


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  • Sounds almost manic depressive. Issues like this demand some understanding, but at the same time, it doesn't excuse someone giving in to their disordered feelings to consistently act like an ass to you. Communicate your displeasure at this cold shouldering, and like dead mentioned, bring it up to see how much he cares about this, if he's willing to be a little less asshole-ish just because he's got a downer.


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  • Talk about ending the relationship, if he doesn't fight it. Then there ya go. This guys sounds like he's missing a few nuts and bolts.


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  • Oh I feel your pain, but you are still young there is so much ahead of you, you don't even know about. Sounds like this guy is a little to indecisive and moody. Why not give him some space so that he starts to miss you when you're not around. Definitely do not try to catch up with him when he is walking faster past you. You don't want to come across as desperate. If he really liked you, then he would communicate with you instead of treating you like crap on these weeks.