Should I be concerned or not?

I posted a question earlier about a girl I had been on two dates with. After the second one, we came back to mine, as we couldn't keep out hands off one another. But when we decided to go to sleep she slept in her jeans. Which was odd. Everything has been normal, the same level of flirty friendliness, the morning was lovely. But she has since apologized for leading me on... I said I hadn't really expected anything, with it being date two. We have arranged date three, and she has said everything is as it was, nothing has changed. Should I be concerned... an opinion would be welcome...

I think all your comments have been so right... she text last night "is it weird that I really want to see you" so she came over. Everything as before and just think it needs to be slowly and gently... and it'll be right...


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  • I don't think so. It sounds like she just wasn't ready to go that far, and it sounds like you may have earned some trust and respect by not pushing her.


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  • You did the right thing, she actually may consider you more attractive for your actions. Respect is sexy... unless you are a masochist.


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  • Her jeans were a vanity belt.

    I'd play it cool in the bedroom and just stick to kissing for a few more times. Her juices will get the better of her, then game on!