Is it ok for a 14 year old (me) and a 16 year old to date me and Brandon met at a church camp Casue he took my mountain dew and I chased him :)?

Is it ok for me to date him


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  • yes it is okay to admire another thats why God gave adam eve


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  • It's still a really big age difference at your age you know? Have fun with him and stuff but I wouldn't go for anything too romantic.

    It's like asking if it was okay for you to date a 12 year old. I'm not saying go do that, but it's just to give you some perspective. I personally think it's a bad idea right now.

    • Well I am not going to do stuff The bad stuff he knows that's to he has never said stuff like that he helped me when I was getting bullied he made makes me feel loved so and I gave my word to god to stay pure till I get married

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    • Yeah, cipher is right, everyone works differently and If you pledged yourself just stay true to you.

      I answer questions like these with my true opinion. There isn't really any fact behind it and honestly 2 years isn't that big of a deal. It's just not something I, personally, feel is fine, but that's my prerogative.

    • Now if he was like 19 or 20, I wouldn't be so relaxed about it, but it's not so... yeah.

  • It's perfectly okay, in my eyes, as long as both of your parents know about it. You're both still young, so take things slow and just have fun. You guys could become great friends. Try not to rush into anything sexual.

  • This is so cute. ^-^ I don't see why it wouldn't be, so long as both of your parents are aware and approve.