What do you do when you find a girl you use to be in love with?

Like there was a girl I used to know and we had a mutual attraction to each other. Recently we got back in touch to get to know each other again. But we're both in relationships. Do we leave our relationships to be with each other or let the past be past?


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  • So, if you meet your current partners after 5-10 years in a similar situation, you'll do the same again? ... and yet again?

    Nothing besides marriage is a relationship. Everything else is just "fucking around".

    Yeah sure... Let the down votes shower... Fact doesn't change. So I see down vote as the voter's loss not mine.

    • Wow. Thanks brother. I thought you would not like my response. I hope you understand what meant. I hear you though. It is not easy. We men are wited with this bery testing desire. We need to learn to control a lot.

    • It's all gro bro! It was honest and yes... indeed we do

    • Ooops... Horrible typo... I cannot remember what I was trying to write in the 2nd last sentence during a bumpy bus ride without my reading glasses :( sorry.


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  • Well if u both feel the same way then be together it seems like the right thing to do

  • Why not give her a chance.

    • Sorry that was meant for another q.

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  • that is an answer that can only be found by you and her, and as long as you don't cheat on your current partners then I don't see a big deal. test the waters, if it is as good or better than you knew before then take the chance. if you are not happy where you are you have to do something