Girlfriend dumped 19 year old guy and got back with ex, is this possible?

For months, I been seeing this 19, now 20 year old guy who told me that his last girlfriend dumped him and got back with her ex. My dad's telling me that he sounds like nothing but a liar and that all guys that age are. Could there be any truth to what the guy says happened? I'm 22, prefer younger men, and get along better with him than guys my own age. I have nothing at all in common with these other guys around here. I hate the music of today, prefer 60's and 70's folk music, classic films and tv shows, into video games, rather go on nature hikes than clubs and parties. This guy is the only one I met that I ever clicked with. While he shares my taste in music and those other things, the other guys I've met actually insisted that I conform and start liking what they do. I'm a vegetarian and he respects my lifestyle choice though this is one he isn't himself. I've had others reject me just for this! We're both an only child, my mom died, and his dad died so we take comfort in talking about our deceased parents. I've always been different than the other people in my age group and so has he. We're both the black sheep. I share more in common with him than anyone I ever met. For my dad to say this, I feel very upset and crushed. This guy isn't just a bf also feels like my best friend most of the time. This is the kind of person I've always wanted but never met before. He's the sweetest person I ever met. He's sensitive, a good listener, a little quirky but so am I and that's what I go for. My dad's always been mentally abusive to me and lacks this sweetness. What my dad said makes me afraid of the guy and I feel very discouraged and afraid to ever date now. Yet at 50, my dad's over there dating a 23 year old. Hypocrite? I know that a lot of guys that age are liars, do you think he is? What the hell should I do? Go and date a 49/50 year old? Men that age creep me out and what could they really want from a young girl? My dad and his girlfriend are a much larger age gap.


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  • I'm not sure why your dad would automatically assume that he is lying. It's happened to a million people both guys and girls. I've had it happen to me where I was dating a girl when I was about 20 and she kicked me to the curb because she got back with her ex. If he seems like a good guy and treats you well, then I say go for it. Just because there are a lot of liars and players out there doesn't mean this guy is. It's not about everyone else, it's about the person you are with and how he treats you. You dad is likely just being protective and doesn't want to see you get hurt. If he doesn't know the guy, I wouldn't put too much stock in what he said.

  • your dads just saying that because he doesn't want to see his daughter growing up so he doesn't want you to be in a relationship i guess. trust me, if he saw u with a 50yearold he would have a problem with that too. just ingnore him, your bf makes you happy so why should what your father say change anything.


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