Does he really even want to be with me?

does he really wanna be with me?
My bf and I one year anniversary was yesterday and he didn't get me anything. He said he bought me a sweatshirt last weekend but only because he spent almost 1000 on a bow for hunting. He never really buys me much. We have been dating for a year and he has bought me 3 things of flowers, a shirt, necklace/earring set and he buys my drinks when we go out n pays for supper. But Most Bfs Buy their Gfs more. I'm not saying he has to spend a lot on me. But every now and then it be nice to get something little. I was a little upset I didn't get anything for our 1 year. I got him a csrd and even if he would of got me a card I would of been fine with that. When I first moved in with him I noticed two cards one was from his ex gf and the other was from him and his said to my wife. He said it was probably from their anniversary. He broke up with her cuz he didn't love her anymore since she cheated. But it seems like he bought her more stuff then he does with me.
Other things that make me think he don't love me is he has talked **** about me to his friends saying I smell. He can be a jerk to me sometimes and when I tell him how I feel he listen but I don't think he cares. I've told him a million times I want things to get better and change but seem like it never does.
But what confuses me is he tells me he loves me and wants to be with me forever. But yetc does this stuff to me. What should I believe? On our anniversary he did text me saying happy 1 year I love u and I'm glad I'm with u.


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  • I think you need talk with him about the things that are bothering you. Maybe like already said, he is afraid to give too much. Maybe money is tight and that could be because of being frivolous. Maybe he doesn't truly care enough. So many maybes... and only he knows what his true thoughts and feelings are.
    When it comes to him talking about you with his friends I think that's completely rude and uncalled for. Don't put up with that.

    Tell him exactly what you need from him to be happy and what things you need to stop. If in time his actions don't follow through with his words like, "he loves you"... then you might need to take a break if not leave him. Just to separate yourself from the situation to think clearly and let him do the same. See how much he cares that he could lose you.

    It's all in the actions, anyone can say words. Don't give more than you're getting in a relationship.


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  • He's not going to change. Accept him now or leave him. People are habitual and they won't change unless they really want to..


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  • me and my ex used to spend way too much money on each other. he's wasted a lot of money on me. and i dont regret the gifts i got him.. but i'm taking my time with my current boyfriend. i'm not buying him as much as i bought my ex because honestly it was a lot of money and look now, he's my ex. not that i dont think i'm going to be with my boyfriend long term but i know i have lots of time and i wanna space things out more.

    For the record. I've only gotten flowers ONCE in my life no matter how much i told my boyfriends i wanted them. I finally got them cuz i went to my ex's sister and told her i wanted roses for Valentine's day.. i later found out that she was the one that bought them ahah but he gave them too me.

  • I think he cares about you but maybe he's scared of giving too much because of the history with his ex? I think you should really talk this out with him and if nothing changes then the relationship won't work out.. But him talking shit about you isn't something you should accept.. Tell him if he has a problem with you, you would rather hear it from him then from others.