I met a girl online and we've been talking for two weeks straight and were supposed to meet, but now she won't talk to me?

We matched on tinder and she messaged me first, the only girl out of almost 100 matches to do so. She wasn't looking for a hookup and I wasn't looking to date, but we had a lot in common and spent the first week talking all day everyday, she initiated adding me on Facebook and snap chat. When I asked her about meeting up, she was hesitant because I'm a stranger, but willing. We scheduled to meet on Tuesday and she seemed completely into it and we kept chatting. Then the day before she cancels, siting family issues. She's willing to small talk, but won't respond to rescheduling and doesn't want to talk about her personal life. The only thing I know of is that she was supposed to move out the day before she canceled. I don't know if she isn't interested anymore or what, but I feel like I should just drop her because she barely responds anymore. I really just want to meet her in person, I don't care where it goes from there, but it feels like a lost cause. Would it be worth it to just ask her what's up?


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  • Straight up.. you're being Cat-fished..

  • It sounds like another case of online dating. However she could just be weary of meeting up with strangers.


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