Girls starting the kiss?

What do you guys think of it? Does it turn you on if the girl start it? How'd you like the kisses? What should she do to leave you impressed?


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  • I think it is sexy, guys have to initiate almost everything, so it takes the pressure off of wondering, "Does she want me to kiss her, I'm really nervous." Also, as a guy myself, you never have to worry about whether the guy wants you to kiss him or not. If you are in a relationship, 99% he does want that.

    • Thanks :) I always wonder if he'd like to be kissed and that's what holds me back from doing anything most of the time... oww that and the shyness, I can't kiss in public even though there are a few people over... >_<' it's frustrating...


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  • I think you he should sometimes but if he doesn't I don't know I would leave him and find someone passionate

    • hehe Of course he does, I was wondering how can I start doing it more often because he might feel it's not easy to be the one initiating always everything

  • If the girl starts the kiss, that'll leave me impressed.


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