How to tell if a guy actually misses you?

The guy that I'm seeing will text me that he misses me when I don't see him for a day or something.

I think it's cute, but is there a way I can be sure he means it?

It's definitely possible a guy would just say that to keep a girl interested right?


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  • If he's a good guy, he wouldn't say it if he didn't mean it.


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  • lets not over complicate this question here. first off its a text, sooooooooo who can read his emotions from there? Second, you didn't specify how long you knew him, and also you reading over what he want out of you. look pass the words and just chat it up. Now days guys can text and say stuff he really don't mean just get to point A to point B. You should focus on his motives. boldly enough its a question you should already know. So the Answer to your question is "WE" don't know until you go figure see him in real life. if he can't be reached in real life then treat his words as if it don't need any thought. let me text to you something like " I like how you think his texting you that is cute, you seem like a real nice lady... do i mean it? Auu no. Do he miss you? unless you can answer how long you knew him in real life then i can't say for sure. but a guesstimate would be if in real life less than 4 months he knew you then its a NO. if more then he might. if online you knew him for a while then, no. if you knew him for over 7 months then yes. Also, this don't apply to all guys.

  • If he's not telling you, he probably doesn't


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