Band geek, how to get a girlfriend?

I am a total band geek and was wondering how do I get a girlfriend. No girls really like me in that way cause I am a total nerd. Are there any tips I can do to make myself more, i guess attractive in a way?


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  • Nerds can get girls just as any guy can. It's all about having confidence. Sure, you might want to have reasonable expectations as to what kind of girls you should go for, but even can be bad advice. Who you may think is the hottest girl you've ever seen just might be waiting for a gentleman like yourself to provide a stimulating conversation.

    And yes, a conversation is all you need. Forget pickup lines. Forget confessing your undying love out of nowhere. Just have a conversation. That's how two people get to know each other, and with potential love interests the method is no different.

    The rest is hinges on confidence. Know who you are, what you want, and make it happen.

    Don't label yourself a band nerd. You're a guy with interesting hobbies. You can read sheet music. That's cool. Music is something you can talk about for days. You have a passion, so utilize in a positive way rather than wearing it in shame. You'll be fine.

    • You could probably teach me a thing or two about proofreading, lol.

    • Yeah... probably not. Thank you this is really helpful.

    • YW. Hopefully you really believe you can do this. I've seen so many guys who look hopeless yet consistently have a woman in their life. They are confident in who they are and that's what women desire most.


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  • Date a band geek.

    I know y'all think it's incestuous since you're all basically related by the end of band camp anyway hahaha, but all the band geeks date from within the band. It's a fact.

  • I love band nerds. But they were always mean to me and thought I was a popular bitch. Then one dude fell in love with me and we love the same type of music. But we broke up.

    • What did y'all break up?

    • he's a gamer too.. and loved games more than he loved me. and he's a douche to me like other band geeks. but he was sweet tho

  • If you like Owl City (or Blink 182) and you are 14-15, just date me lol! cx

  • Get a girl band geek :) I know im one lol there's plenty of girl bandos that aren't complete weirdos. if you want a girl whos not in band then just dont talk about band as much ( I know sounds impossible right? ) But if you try and not talk about band so much girls won't think your a crazy band geek.


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  • American Pie should be your go to video here lol.

    Have you asked out a bunch of girls or?

    • I asked out a couple of girls but only got rejections.

    • I don't know man do you dress decently? I have seen VERY off kids in a small school ask out girls a grade younger and they jumped at the chance, if you're in the states you must have a good sized one.