If at the end of a date a guy asks if you want to come up to his place, does it mean he wants sex or might he have "friendly" intentions?

We were making out in his car, and he invited me up. I said no cause I didn't want to seem easy. Now I am kicking myself...


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  • It probably is a little bit of both. The request to come up to his place could be his way of finding out if you wanted sex or if you were really the girl he thought you were in public. Most guys want sex, but that doesn't mean that's ALL they're looking for. Everyone is different. Usually you can tell if they're one of those guys who feel entitled to sex because they were with you all evening. Maybe they're just one of those who want to give as many orgasms to girls as possible! Maybe they're tired of being alone all the time and truly just looking to have intelligent conversation with someone.


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  • Have you ever meat a guy who doesn't want sex, even friendly intentions have a hidden hope for sex?

  • Typically if a girl or a guy invites him or her up to his or her place then he or her is looking for sex because they realized they had a nice night and they think that he or she has earned it. He or she has an option to turn them down though of course

  • What the hell is up with girls and all about being easy? What he was gonnna tell his friends he fucked you? Then what? Your kicking yourself because you care more about what people would think more then pleasing a man who just gave you a fresh start for love.

    • It's not about what other people think, it's about how we view ourselves. I don't give a damn if people think I messed around with a bunch of guys, as long as I know that I didn't. That's all that matters.

    • Ok so if you did mess around with a bunch of guys whats wrong with that you have your own freedom right? Its not like your gonna kill yourself for having sex you feel me?

    • fresh start for love? bullshit

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  • if a guy asks u to come inside his house after a date, he was trying to fuck. so unless u were down to have sex that night dont go up to his place

    • Yeah I figured as much about his intentions to get me in bed. I still replayed the moment in my mind that night wondering what might have been!