He said I looked beautiful on cam. Does he like me?

I met this one guy a few ago in real life and we really hit it off. Anyway, I recently told him I would be going on a holiday soon and he said we could talk on Skype while I was away.

We were skyping yesterday and one of the first things he said to me was 'You look beautiful even on Skype' and then he smiled.

Does it sound like he likes me?


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  • No he hates you, so he'll try to seduce you, get some nude pics and sex tapes from you, then break your heart, will blackmail you with your intimate pics and video's or straight away share them online for all your friends, family, schoolmates, teachers and psycho sex maniacs to see.

    Or maybe.. He likes you, that's possible too!


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  • …...…… yea

  • He just like your face and ther's a potential to like you when he see you


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