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I have been spending a lot of time with this girl lately. She is really cool and amazing to be around. Sorta like being around someone while having a buzz that just makes you smile and act dumb. Regardless she is amazing and we have been going to movies and watching them at her house and going to the movie and sitting in the same room for hours just talking. We have been insisting it's just a friend thing but we always do a sort of soft core flirting thing. Not heavy enough to be really flirting but still questionable as conversation. She is 15 and JUST had a baby. I find this little guy cute as can be though. I don't know if it would be a good idea to hook up with someone with a small child because of school and everything. (She is finishing) We have MySpace messages we send back and forth (she doesn't have texting) and she said she had something she wanted to ask but didn't say what. After she said never mind and said she really wasn't sure. So I accepted that but was still wary. I'm not a small guy and have a little weight and during a conversation based on her ex she said she just had a thing for guys with a little extra weight. I just really don't know if she's REALLY interested or what's going on. Also as a side note she sorta leaned on my arm when we went to the movies and recently added me to her top which is actually a big deal since she only has people she's known forever up there.


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  • She sounds like a really special friend. I don't know if you would want to wreck what you have by hitting on her full on. But I think it will eat away at you if you don't ever find out why she acts like this around you. Tell her that you really like spending time with her nd then just look t her deeply for while, she will get wht you men but you won't have to completely bare your soul.

    If she is as good of friend as she sounds then she won't mind tht you find her attractive and she'll get over it. Good Luck!


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  • you should tell her you think she's a great person, compliment her on little things, you don't have to be 100% up front about it. you obviously really like her. you'll never be ok with your relationship with her if you don't GO FOR IT.

    • Well like I said we've been doing a lot of that with softcore flirting.

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  • I'd tap that.

    haha, but in all seriousness, I'f you think you love her and can accept the fact she has a child, go for it. But just know that we're young and relationships don't tend to last for very long before you find out you don't feel the same way as when you started, if you don't mind the risk of breaking up feel free to proceed. I'd suggest that if she asks you out you tell her maybe a three month "trial" would be the best. It's where your not 'official' but you still do things together as if you were boyfriend and girlfriend, that way if you guys can decide if you feel the same way after the three month grace and become an actual 'couple'. Usually from what I've seen and experienced lust and infatuation should fade by three months, if it doesn't you've got a winner ^^