Guys, would dating a girl living in another country be a turn off?

Or would love prevail?

I always thought, if a guy is really really into a girl, it wouldn't matter how far apart they lived, they would find a way to make it work. But is this something most guys find scary? especially if he doesn't really know her that well but may have had a strong connection when they first met?


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  • assuming you're talking about very long distances here - it's no so much a turn-off as impractical.

    time = relationship, so the more time you can spend *with* a person, the better the relationship will be. having said that, there are lots of ways to spend time on a person even when you can't be physically close - the net, the phone, writing letters, or even just working towards seeing that person again can all be significant drivers.

    if you're asking something like - "i met this guy at an event & I'd like to hook up with him, but he lives far away: should I even try to make contact?" - then I'd say go for it: assuming that the guy in question is around your age he's probably got the maturity to deal with this sort of relationship

    good luck


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  • A turn off? No.

    Mildly inconvenient? Yes...

  • If you really love someone, no, distance does not matter. I don't think it would be healthy though, for two people who just met to get into a long distance relationship (unless you're into that sort of thing of course)


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