Reasons for not dating someone: Short guy vs. fat girl?

I am not trying to start a hostile discussion between the sexes on here (so if your just going to try to start that, please don't comment). My questions is: Why is it generally accepted that a girl can say that she doesn't want to date a short guy but it is totally unacceptable for a guy to say he doesn't want to date a fat girl?

Instantly rejecting someone for something that they can not change (height) is, in my opinion, worse than rejecting someone for something they have control over (weight), barring medical reasons.


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  • Both are acceptable IMO. People are free to date whomever they want, even if I personally think height and weight ALONE are poor reasons to reject someone. That said, in my experience, both are also not as set in stone as one might think, for example, a girl might date a short man who projects confidence and dominance despite being short. And a man might date a somewhat weighty woman if she still looks healthy and confident and like she takes care of herself.


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  • I actually wouldn't mind dating a short guy. I've seen lots of short guys that were very attractive. I think it's dumb when people make a huge fuss about things we can't change and automatically label people as being "undatable" because of it. I think people should just give each other a chance if they seem like decent human beings. That said, I do realize that people will always have their preferences as to what they like and don't like. We're all different and will like different things so that should always be taken into consideration.

  • I completely agree!

    If an unchangeable thing such as height can be a preference, so can weight a changeable thing.

    It is ridiculous that HEAS and FA consider not liking fat people is discrimination!

  • Weight is sometimes extremely difficult to lose sometimes but I see where you're coming from, it is changeable unlike height. But like everyone you are entitled to your own opinion, and if you do not want to date someone considered "fat" that is your personal preference so do not let anyone tell you cannot feel that way.


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  • I've never had any reservations about saying I won't date an overweight girl, and I can't say I've received too much flak for it either.
    On the other hand, I've seen many girls receive hate for saying they won't date short guys... granted, most of the hate they receive is from short guys lol

  • I've stated many times I wouldn't date an overweight girl and not once have I had any girl or guy calling me out for it.