Having a college boyfriend and I'm only starting in 11th grade?

Well people you see I'm about to start the 11th grade and I have a boyfriend that's starting college and I'm proud of him of course but the thing is this whole summer I only got to see him once for our 3 month anniversity a couple of weeks ago. And he has a job, he takes care of grandma and does some things for college. I respect that but do you guys think its okay for him not to see that much? P. S we talk to eachother everyday and stuff and he tells me how much he loves me and that he never wants to lose and stuff. And also P. P. S he's 20 and I'm 17


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  • Im the college guy in the same situation but I don't know what to do lol. He may want to take advantage of you being young and niave. Or he may really care about you I don't know him or you so I'm not saying your niave or how he is go with your gut. I am 20 and I don't have the guts to approach a HS girl cause I feel like a pedo but that's me even if I find her to be attractive.


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  • Most of the time it's not a good idea, but he sounds like a good guy. One of my best friends was 20 while his girlfriend was 16, they were together for almost 10 years.

    or at least hide for a few years

  • Depends on where his college is because if its far from you then naturally you two won't be able to see each other much. I would say that if he's calling you everyday and skyping or making time to see you when possible then you should be good. It will be hard because you two will be on two different worlds in terms of lifestyle, pressures, and schedules as college and high school is a larger gap than you may imagine.

    • Heelless he going to a college near by where I live and he lives at and yeah we talk to eachother on a regular bases everyday. And I just wanna know if Im doing the right thing by just staying with him evenyhough I don't get to see him as much

    • There's no real answer to whether or not its the right thing to do. It's really just whether or not you feel like you two belong together. You can make it work, but it will be challenging so if both people aren't committed then it's hard to keep the relationship going. What do you mean by is it the "right" thing. Is there a specific aspect you're considering?

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