How much effort do you put into grooming/your looks? Do you think your grooming/lack of helps or hinders your dating life?

How much effort do you put into grooming and your looks?

Do you think this helps or hinders your dating life?

Do you want to put more or less effort into grooming or your looks?

  • 0-no effort (little to no bathing, brushing teeth, dieting, or exercising)
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  • 1-3 minimum effort (bathes, brushes teeth, washes clothes, doesn't diet or exercise
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  • 4-6 medium effort (in addition to above watches diet, styles hair/clothes, wears fragrence, makeup, facial groominh, shaves
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  • 7-9 high effort (in addition to above, constantly styles self, diets and exercies, skin routine, teeth whitening, waxing, eyebrows shaped
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  • 10 god like effort (celebrity/ model satus
    Vote E
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  • Wow, I love ur scale

    I'm 4-6, +I'm a sexy beast, +I'm smart/awesome/funny/vry supportive

    ++I'm a beast in the kitchen
    Also can comprehend a good bit of French and Spanish, but no place to use it so I might need a refresher

    P. s-no one needs to be modest on here, it's not like I'd ever brag in real life


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What Guys Said 5

  • I think most guys would do grooming, exercise and diet- but many do not have their clothes down. They tend to throw things together, they really don't have a clue like women about dress sense.

    • You're right, but I think that is an American thing. Most foreign men I see are very fashionable, especially asian/latin men.

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    • Nope. We don't dress like GQ magasine lol. Well some do, but the majority don't know. All guys need a girly friends or gay buddy to sort out their wardrobes lol.

    • Lol I like helping my male friends dress up.

  • I think this poll would be even more interesting if it could somehow be broken down by age. I suspect the older you get, the less concerned one becomes of it.

    Alas, since my wife's passing I confess I gained weight. At that time I think I would have fallen into category B. I have, however, since seen the error of my ways and am up to somewhere around C. I also confess I am hopelessly "fashionably challenged." My wife was of great assistance there. I must fend for myself now.

    Sadly, many people don't think of diet and exercise as grooming. I think they should.

  • I take showers and workout a little. No make up though :)

  • I'd say medium to high, but I'm just flat out ugly so that hinders my dating life

  • I don't need a diet i naturally eat less than most people and its really hard for me to gain any weight at all. I am toned. I watch my hair everyday and always brush my teeth because I hate the taste of my own breath. I don't need to exercise but I do it anyway because I want to be stronger than others and I'd like to make this body last a little longer. The only reason I can't date anyone is cause I'm not putting much effort into trying.


What Girls Said 9

  • i do easy stuff like i pretty much wear cute dolly outfits everyday (just a dress + cardigan + jewelry, maybe some barettes) but i just put them on, takes a minute or two.

    i rarely have time to do anything to my hair or face except for the bare minimum, sunblock and a 20sec blowdry to the bangs. i carry cosmetics with me but rarely remember to use them. once in
    awhile i'll get invited to an important party suddenly so i try to be prepared.

    i do brush my teeth and use mouthwash !
    and never skip the skincare routine (sensitive skin)

    if i have time later in the day i'll straighten my hair a bit with my portable straightening iron. sometimes i get outrageous cowlicks and whorls :o

    • oh ! i keep a bottle of my favourite perfume in my purse at all times ♡

      no dieting or exercising.

      being unprepared when it's really important to shine does have a negative effect on a lot of social stuff. dating is fine though, no problems there, i guess they just assume i'm into the natural look or don't know how to polish myself.

    • You sound adorable!

    • thank you ♡

  • I am pretty lazy so I put B. I have been told I am pretty attractive though. I am thinking of putting more effort into my looks but I dunno.


    • I'm surprized no one chose god like effort lol. I put high effort into my looks, I don't feel that great about myself when I don't.

    • Well what is your daily routine?

      Problem with me is it is a pain in my ass to take of all my make up. Pain in the ass to diet and exercise. I am not fat by the way. I am normal weight. I wish I could see a picture of your god like efforts.

  • I put a lot of effort
    im very hygienic, wear makeup, eat right, exercise, take care of my hair and skin, eyebrows, hair and nails done

    when u take care of urself u feel good

    • That is so true. When I don't do shit I feel like shit.

  • 7-9 range. I like putting high effort in the way I look.
    I don't think it has any effect on my dating life. I just expect the person I date is healthy and takes care of themselves as well, and thats not too much to ask for.
    I think my effort is a good amount and I wouldn't want to put less effort in.

    • That's not asking for too much, it shou, be expected honestly.

  • Medium effort. I'm clean and smell good. I just don't put as much effort as other people. I never wear makeup or nail polish. I mostly wear plain long skirts, dresses with a random top. I haven't started dating yet but I do randomly get asked out.

  • I'm usually around a 4-6 but if I'm not feeling that, it dips down to a 1-3. "It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul" - India Arie. As far as dating goes, as long as you can take care of yourself in some way, you have some game haha.

  • C-D. I'm generally well put together but I don't look immaculate all the time lol.

  • I voted C.

  • Vote d, but should be c