Why he never seems to be where he is?

He is constantly doing stuff all the time he seems happy but at some point he just crashes and tells me how he never does the things he wishes and how he doesn't feel ok with himself. I simply don't get it. This goes on for a long time I wouldn't have put so much thought in it otherwise. I notice stuff like he never flirts with me or when we're "together" he just rushes everything as if he whishes to be somewhere else. I don't think it's our relationship that is fucked because in the same time he does little gestures you cannot mistake.. But why is he constantly so carried away and unhappy?


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  • Maybe he is having issues with his parents, friends or someone else. Maybe he is being restricted from his freedom. Try to unburden him. Talk to him and try to understand his problem.

  • It's just him. We often have conflicting views of ourself. The person we think we are and the person we want to be. The only problem is neither of them are accurate. He may think he's a (long list of negative adjectives) person and may be trying his best to be someone different and that's the person you probably see most of the time. But the real him is someone totally different. The real him isn't who he's trying to be of who he thinks he is. The real him is both close and foreign to him at the same time. And to be honest the real him is foreign to you to. In situations like this I suggest just accepting it. Accepting that this is the way he is right now and just being comfortable with it. Continue to treat him as someone you love and care about and view positively. His issues are his own and he has to fix them on his own all you can do is stand by with a box of bandaids just in case he needs them. That's what relationships are all about. Eventually he'll be fine.


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