So guys.. what are something's a girl would do that would put you off her?

Guys what things do girls do that are annoying.. etc and that would make you not want to date her? :D


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  • -I can't stand girls who don't know what they want.
    -women who manipulate people.
    -beating around the bush and 'hinting' at things. If you can't say it out rite- it ain't going to happen.
    -expecting me to be able to read there minds.
    -When you merry a women and dedicate yourself to building a dream with her; send her to school and support her then when it's your turn to go and improve yourself, she waffles on the marriage and ends it. Leaves you with debt and takes the one thing you worked so hard for; your house. Tells all your friends you treated her badly to cover the fact that she was the one who treated you badly. Then you find out she was cheating. She walks away with the house, education, and goes on her merry way and you are left with NOTHING but a huge debt. Ya that turns me off. (Can u tell I'm a little bitter? lol!!) Never get married or trust someone with your heart.
    -snobbery- I hate snobs!

    • Sorry for the spelling: not only am I writing this on a stupid phone- but I guess I needed that education... lol ;)


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  • I can see a perfectly gorgeous girl, but as soon as she pulls out a cigarette she is the ugliest nasty person ever.

    Having to tweet or snapchat every event in her life for attention from millions of people she's never even met. Social media is a f'n joke.

    Always complaining how fat she is when she's no where near being fat.

    Girls who have this i'm better then everyone ego is thee worst trait ever.

    Girls who are gym rats who want to look like a guy pretty much lol. Girls don't need muscle definition.

  • If she was mean to anyone for no reason.

  • If she complimented me on my looks. That would be a major turn off...

  • if she is not a clean person. specially if her appearance is trashy, ratchet, or just not taken care of.

  • I don't like women who are full of themselves or mean.

  • i don't like misogynistic girls... women talking trash about other women is a turn off for me...:D


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