Are dating sites good or bad?

are dating sites good or bad? i am on one and it is sh*t i get no messages when i made a fake one , one from signing up 30 minutes later 25 girls message me on my fake profile. am i really that bad looking of a guy?


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  • I've been on dating websites before and to be honest I think they are a bit of fun but that is it. I would never message a guy though, I just wait for them to message me (didn't have to wait long but that's just guys for ya). If you're wanting anything serious I've been told your better off going on the websites that you have to pay for a subscription for as people tend to take these ones more seriously. The free ones are for a bit of fun and people use them generally just to meet others for sex. That's my experience of them anyway. If you wanna talk to girls you're just gunna have to message them. Don't be too picky either, you might get blanked but there might be some people who surprise you and message you back :)

    • i am on pof if you and me was on a dating site and i message you what would you do? x

    • It depends totally on what's on your profile and how you greet me. But I do message most guys back as I'm not rude & I give them a bit of a chance to impress me. If you just bore me straight up, I'll ignore you lol


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  • Initiate messages or reply to messages? There is a very little percentage of women who actually initiate messages on dating sites. Maybe you should try another dating site. The one that you're on might not be as popular as the rest.

    Good luck.

  • They seem to work well for some people. I'm not sure what their secrets are.

    OKCupid is hilarious though. The majority of the messages I used to get on there were from people I was like 100% enemy with. I'm like, really?

  • hmm it may also depend on what you have on your profile I guess..


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  • Dating sites that are free normally have a 99% collection of girls who are all on there for the attention or looking to hook up with the hottest lineup they can find and aren't interested in a relationship at all. And if they are they expect the world to be given to them.

    Better off joining a paid site.

    • i did pay and it is still shit lol

    • Should take a break from it and come back to it when you feel you have been away long enough for someone to become single. Because all the crappy girls will remain single and on those sites being skanky attention whores they are and the good ones are already in relationships. You have to wait till they are not taken anymore to get the good ones.

      And most of the time. The good ones won't be on a dating site and will be hidden behind her friends or hang around her guy friends which make it harder to know if she's single or not. Cause who's gonna chance approaching a girl with a guy at the mall or where ever? No one right? lol.