Guys does this mean we're seeing each other? & what does that entail?

So me & my guy friend have had a friends with benefits relationship for the last year and we've had our bumps in the road and we've worked through arguments ect. Over a month ago we had a huge argument in which he wanted to cut all ties with me... 5 days later he came back and didn't want things to end between us and how he did like me.

Since then I guess we've been seeing each other. He compliments me a lot like telling me I'm pretty, funny, caring, smart ect. He's introduced me to his friends and I think he's edging more towards introducing me to his mum as more then friends (as I know his mum and worked with her). When round his the other day for fun his mum was out and he said 'not like that I would care if my mum knew you where here.'

Anyways I asked him what this was the other day as I was confused from the month before he told me that we were just two people who were seeing what happens. And if I wanted to carry on seeing him then do it if not just leave it as it is.

What does seeing entail and is this looking hopeful?


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  • Right now it's not important what he wants.

    The real question right now is do you want this to evolve into a full blown girlfriend/boyfriend kind of thing? Because that's where it sounds like it's heading.

  • Friends with benefits? What if those benefits were taken away?

    • That's what we was before but now... He's complimenting me loads, talking about going out and grabbing some food once works quietened down! He invited me to a party to meet his friends! & I think he wants his mum to know

    • he likes you and wants his mum to get to know you

    • listen, whenever a guy wants to introduce you to his mother, he at least likes you, maybe won't get to be in a serious relationship but still likes you, no man in the right mind would introduce a girl to his mum to brag about what kind of girls he can get ot how successful he is at it or anything.

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