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I don't really know how to ask this as a question so I'm just going to say what happend. Last week my bf was combining hay so he was working later. We live on the farm so it's not like he has to go far away. But when he got home he had to take a shower because he said thay the hay is itchy. Then Wednesday night was our 1 year anniversary and he didn't get me anything at all. We went out to eat which he payed and then went to the bar for some drinks. He did tell me happy anniversary in the morning n that he loves me n glad he's with me. Usually we have sex at least once or more a week. We didn't have sex until Friday. I asked why he didn't want to the other nights and it was because he was tired he said. Oh he also took a shower when he got home from work before going out to eat. Which I don't care he does but the reason it's a little weird is because usually he doesn't he will just go out with his work clothes on. Then Friday night I wanted to do it again when we got home from the bar but again he didn't want to. And he was even hard so it's not like he wasn't horny. And we didn't do it sat or sunday. But we did it last night. I am just kinda wondering about all of this. Like should I believe him or is he may be lying about something or cheating on me?


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  • He says he's tired, he's tired.

    • But I just find it kinda weird because he has wanted to do it before when he was tired.

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  • If he's tired have you ever thought he actually might be telling the truth. Stop be insecure and selfish and pay him some attention. Oh and learn to trust him