When will a girl start to give up if she's interested and wants to get to know you better but you're shy?

And might be giving her the impression you're not trying to get to know her? If you've done it already on 2 occasions and she looked down looking a bit sad, is it too late? Has she given up?


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  • If I really lie a guy I guess I'll try for about a year or until he directly rejects me.. Whichever comes first.

    I don't look for relationships and I don't like more than one guy at a time... so its not wasting my time to try with the Guy I do like. If he's shy that's ok. I don't hold it against him. If he's an ass that's diff but then some people are sometimes ass hats bc they are shy and dk how to handle it.

    • What makes a guy an ass?

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  • I like a guy who's not always with me I find couples like that annoying. I depends on the girl though some do like to be able to carry on a conversation. If you are shy just try to be more open to her. Have random conversations or just be more romantic like picking her a flower or giving her something small but nice. Hope you too stay together! :)

  • When her ego is bruised. If I may make a suggestion, tell her you like her, but are really shy. Say you are smitten She's going to be flattered, and be more inclined to be patient.

    • But in not certain she likes me

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    • Why would she already know. She's not psychic. And what do you mean by evasive? If she knows I'm interested, what would she conclude from me being evasive.

    • Chicks know if a guy likes them, its an unwritten law ingrained into our genetic ode. If she is aware that you like her, yet you don't make a move she will likely come to one of two conclusions #1 you aren't willing too admit that you like her for whatever reasons (family, friends, religion etc) or #2 that you are insecure... which is bad!

  • It might not be too late, you should talk to her

  • I know a guy just like you and I tried so hard to get to know him and he is still shy. He told me he likes me too. I already gave it a year and I'm starting to give up because so far I've learned nothing about him but basic things. But if he finally turned around before it was too late and was more forward I would give him another chance.

    • Surely if he was brave enough to tell you he likes you, he would have had conversations with you too b

    • He's too shy to talk to me in person he told me over text sorry my advice sucked..

    • Oh, did you reply? I sent mine a message implying I wanted a chance to talk and get to know her. Is that bad´╝č she ignored it.

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