What to do about this girl at work I think I messed up?

I met this girl at work talked to her for a few days and think she's interested was asking me a lot of questions and smiling She works the opposite days of me so today was gonna ask her to hangout but I froze (i have no prob talking to girls so this is a first) and had an awkward convo didn't really get eye contact and she just kept working when i was talking to her, i chickened out and and didn't ask her out I feel pretty bad and think I blew my chance, my question is If i see her maybe in a week or 2 would it be weird to chat her up for a few minutes and ask her to hang out?


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  • Just tell her, 'I saw you were busy the other day...' and ask her again. She won't bite!!

  • If she's interested then she'll have no problem taking your offer if hanging out just tell her you froze and didn't know what to say. If it was me I would understand if I was interested in the guy


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