Why do girls always start ignoring me out of nowhere?

Every time I talk to a girl I'm interested she'll usually show interest but then weeks or a month later they will start ignoring me. I am not even ugly in fact I think I'm actually extremely attractive, I have an athletic body, I play soccer, take good care of my skin and myself, I am going to a University and I'm pretty intelligent. Every time I go out I always get many looks from women and all, for some reason I always end up attracting partying type girls or girls that like to go out a lot in general. The thing is that I'm attracted to quiet girls, shy girls, and calm girls well nice girls in general. When I talk to them they'll play with their hair and do obvious things that they are interested and we'll text and all but later on they'll just ignore me? I am always super nice to them and respect them!! I don't see what I do wrong? One day everything will be going so good the next everything is a complete disaster. I will admit I am pretty cocky but when it comes to women I become a gentlemen out of nowhere, I don't know what to do


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  • date girls that you would not normally go for you will be surprise by a lot maybe you should try something new and date out of your comfort zone but i think why girls might ignore you because they know how attractive you are and the last thing they want is to date a hot guy that gets hit on by a lot of girls there gonna think he's either gonna cheat on them, hurt them or not be committed to the one there with but no a days its really not about looks because people mostly base there opinion due to how a person acts and on there personality especially toward others weather its male or female they want a guy who can get along with everyone or almost everyone


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  • Maybe it's not something you do wrong... If i were the girl, i would feel intimidated knowing that other girls might be trying to hit on the guy i am with. It would feel more comfortable to be with an average guy with whom i can have a normal conversation or date than being with a hot guy who calls most of the females 's atenttion.

    Well, that's how i feel when i am talking with a good looking male friend and other girls check him out :)

  • Maybe it's just the type of girl you're into? They probably think you're out of their league? I don't know girls can be weird about guys. Don't worry you'll find the right girl who won't ignore you out of nowhere no one deserves that.


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