Friends with benefits or something more?

So i have been seeing this guy for almost 2 months and things have been perfect. We had worked together for a year when I was 15 (he was 20) and once i turned 18 he messaged me on Facebook and invited me over his house. I went over, we got to know each other and watched a movie, we madeout for awhile and then all of a sudden we were in his bed taking each others clothes off. We got to a point where we were both naked and he told me "i really want to have sex with you but i just dont know if its right because you're really young" When he said that it pretty much gave me the idea that his intentions weren't to just have sex with me, so i gave him a BJ and went home after. We started hanging out almost everyday and eventually did have sex. We started having sex more and more and both always told each other it was the best sex we had ever been having. We started going on lunch and dinner dates, met each other's parents, and I started sleeping over a lot. Now we are very comfortable around each other. Neither of us are big texters so we send an occasional "what are you up to" or "what are you doing tonight", basically just trying to make plans. Recently he's been going a little more out of his way to talk to me. i'll get an occasional "miss you" or sometimes a phone call for a few minutes. He's also started to get a little more protective like texting me the whole night im at a party. The sad part is im going to college in 2 weeks about 5 hours away so our little summer romance will be interrupted.. i was just curious if it seems like this is just something he's doing out of summer boredom and he had the possibility of just dropping me or if he really does like me and maybe will do what he can to make sure i stay in his life


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  • It might be something more. But it's going to be difficult to make a summer-madness work LD, and with you guys not making it official earlier...

  • if u met parents i think ur serious enough to ask for a relationship... kinda pervy he scoped u out at 15 but this is america i guess lol... best of luck


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