What exactly is the definition of a date, in terms of the length of time between times the two people get together (please see details)?

If a person drives a few hours to spend time with someone they've been talking to from a dating site, does each day they spend together count as a date, or would the whole weekend count as one long date?

If they go to a different place/activity each day, would it count as multiple dates? How do you define a date?


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  • There is no date score keeping process I am aware of. Of you like each other, you see each other as much as your schedules allow. Of course you must both move at the same pace.


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  • Hi:), since it is impossible to physically spend 24/24 with someone else, you will have to find your own definition.

  • i think dating mean know each other well who i who is him?
    and it back to mind if i agree with his manner i find it beautiful cause it will be nice relationship if it faithful and honest and real


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