If you tell a girl that you really like her when you're drunk and she brings it up in a topic of conversation is she interested in you?

Is it a strong sign of interest or is it a case of wanting an ego boost?


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  • How did she bring it upon you?

    • She just asked me if I remembered what I told her.

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    • Thank you for your help. I'll keep you posted.

    • Oh wow thanks for MH :) your very welcome.

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  • Probably. Since she didn't say "hey remember you says you like me? " it's likely she's not teasing you.

    and the fact she knows you might remember yet she brings it up means she's not uncomfortable with it. So probably she likes you..

    She should've just asked you out instead of asking vague questions for an unknown reason... but w/e I guess you'll have to ask her.

    What did you say btw?

    Im guessing it went like:

    Her- remember what you said to me?

    You- yeah ( or no)

    Her - ok

    Lol I'm guessing bc nothing has been accomplished yet.

    • That's exactly how it went.

  • I *think* it means she has some interest, and wants to talk about it more.

    It could mean that she's actually interested in someone else but she really values you as a friend and doesn't want to give you any false hope.

    Or she could just be curious.

    Are you quite close?

    • We've known each other for a quite sometime, but we're not close.

  • Yeah I'd say so.

  • Of course it means she likes you she's proberly happy that you like her and wants you to say it again. But I can't be sure every girl is different.


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  • As the other responses indicate I would say yes, especially if it was in a non-teasing tone.

    • She didn't tease me oddly enough, she seemed serious which is not something which happens often.

    • Then I would definitely take it as a sign of interest, and ask for a low pressure situation hang out. Ask her if she wants to go for coffee, and hang out for a bit - not too long. Get to know her and have some fun, nothing serious or anything and then tell her you need to go do a few errands but you guys should go for drinks next week - specificy a date and a time and take it from there. Escalate as comfort dictates.

  • What was the context of the conversation she brings up?

  • She could be asking if you meant it or if it was just something said drunkenly.