Why isn't this guy texting me first anymore?

This guy that I met online that is the same age as me and lives near me, always used to text first and ever since I told him, I want allowed to hang out with him because of my overprotective parents, he stopped texting me completely. What does this mean? Should I always text him first because my mom may allow me to hang out with him and I told him I'm only allowed to hang on weekends. Am I losing him as a boyfriend? I am very upset right now. Please help!


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  • Well he is not your boyfriend if you have never met or hung out with him. As far as him not texting you, he probably thinks you were making excuses.. my parents did not get a say as to who I hung out with. You are over 18 be an adult and tell your mom to butt out. Send him a text.. if either of you are not texting first both of you will assume the worst.


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  • He stopped texting you because he thought it wasn't gonna work out anyway since you told him that your parents won't let you see him. But now that you have the weekends to hang out, I say you should tell him. And it would also be a good idea to start texting him first.