Why would he stop all contact? Is he not interested or playing it cool?

Met this guy at a bar 2 months ago and we hit it off. We have only seen each other twice since then due to scheduling conflicts, he went overseas for a while and I've been busy with work but we finally hung out again last Wednesday. I went over to his place and we watched a movie and cuddled. I thought it went well but I've heard nothing from him since then which is the longest we have went without contact. I am a shy person so he was the one to initiate all of our contact and I'm worried I may have given him a vibe that I wasn't interested even though I am a little bit reserved. Now I don't know what to think. Is he uninterested or playing it cool? He has been checking my snapchat stories that I've posted since our date so I don't know why he would do that if he wasn't interested but he has never stayed away this long!


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  • he's not interested cause your showing your not interested in him by making a guy initiate everything, and your not telling him what you want and your not showing affections or initiating, so define "hit it off" cause based on your description nothing ever "hit off" to begin with. sure your shy and its ok to be, but you have to get over the innocent act in order to get any guy to keep you


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  • go ahead and text him something. just say like "i had fun last night" or whatever. or recount a funny story or memory that y'all had together.