I am 20 years old going on 21 in a couple of months and have never had a girlfriend or barely any of friends who are girls? Is this normal?

Question says it all. Talking to woman is not a problem but when it comes down to attraction flirting and going on dates its hard to know when she would be down for dinner or a movie etc.


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  • Totally normal. Don't focus on flirting. Just do a great job presenting who you are and what you're about. Also its important to like who you are first before other people can like you. I struggled with that when I was younger.


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  • I'm dude it's totally normal just look at how many adults on this site are asking the same question

    • I just created an account on here 30 minutes ago so this is my first time on here thanks for commenting.

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  • Dude, LOL... you are not alone, I am in the same boat as you. We should help each other out.

    • Also, check out this site called "Good Looking Loser", its about getting laid, which may or may not be your goal but regardless its probably the most legit when it comes to giving advice on picking up women. I went to an "all-boys" high school and I didn't care to do much but when I got to college I was like "BOOBs"!!

      I agree with what "atomiccarrot" said besides the flirting. You do want to like yourself, but practice talking to women, just don't get too emotionally attached. You are young and will probably see many women in the next decade. So I would just be happy with who you are and practice. Most guys get rejected a lot but you'll catch breaks and get lucky every now and then experience will make you better. Feel good that you are even addressing this issue now versus some guys who don't give a hoot.

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    • Most of the guy friends I have nowadays have girlfriends who they hang out with all the time which is understandable but leaves me in the dust some nights alone which honestly suck but hey they are getting laid

    • Yeah well you can still get laid and not have a girlfriend. In fact, I prefer to hang around my male friends than female friends. But its tactic that GLL (Good Looking Loser) discusses you don't want to be Boyfriend "Material" but you do want to be Boyfriend "Potential", there is a subtle difference. Because guys who are "douchebags" get laid, they flirt a lot and don't give a hoot if they're rejected. They might have a "main" girl but they usually don't have girlfriends for very long because it weighs them down from having social freedom or exploring other girls. People who are 20 or 21, particularly guys, its kind of better to have "friends with benefits" anyways.

  • Why do you think being single isn't normal?

    • Because in life a man is supposed to eventually seek out a mate and right now 1/4th of my life is over not trying to be dramatic here haha but right now this is the best time to look for someone me being in college and all.