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I am in band and this girl in my section is really pretty and I have been flirting with her and she has been flirting with me, or at least I think she is, and I was in a group of other low brass members just talking and I brought up how our band director only wants us to date other band people. And she said that would be weird and awkward cause we would be seeing each other all the time and around people all the time, but I disagree. I think that it would be cool to do that, until the breakup happens. What should I do, I kind of want to ask her out but I do not know what to do.


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  • I would say she's already answered your question. She's worried about saying somebody she would see so much. I was a band nerd too (flute, piccolo, and just about any reed instrument), and I remember how much time we all spent together and how many people dated in band. The only ones that seemed to work were the ones with people from 2 differentsections. That way you do get a break from each other sometimes, but get more opportunities to see each other than somebody outside of band.


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  • It is very difficult to see the same person (s) all the time. You need your own time as well. Besides I think her response answered your question. Don't do it.