Should I hang up online dating?

Over a year or so, I have been using online dating as a way to meet people. I haven't been in a serious relationship for approximately 3 years or more. Mostly due to a bit of a set back and work related stress. I was not interested in dating until maybe a year ago. Last year, I have been on a couple of dates, but I never felt a serious connection with anyone. I mean, 95 percent of the time the guys would be interested and would like to take things a step further, but there would always be something that would not allow me to go there with them. Usually something minor.
Recently, I haven't even met anyone worthwhile to go out on a date with, at the very least. I found one, but he wasn't feeling me in that way.
I don't go out much and most of the guys in my church are either married, in a relationship, or just straight up gay.
Luckily, I'll be moving soon to a location that is close to social event areas and to the city, plus most of my friends are going to be nearby.
Should I just stop searching? What in the heck should I do?

P. S. Guys approach me, but majority of the time, they are not what I am looking for.

Update: Now after past experiences, I think that I am going to give it a rest.


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  • I feel you're being too picky.

    Ask yourself this questions: "what negative or undesirable traits am i willing to tolerate in a guy?"


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  • Sounds like your being very picky abut the guy you want.

  • get off the computer, go outside, abd stop looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right


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  • You are being selective and not just settling for anyone that bites. Go girl! Good for you.