Against the bro code, seriously messed up? Need opinions.

Okaayy... here's the thing i've known them both since first grade and we're going to high school (8th grade) in the same school.
Soo i haven't even though about her, but it's like in the past year or two I started to like her.

We had a school trip on our last day of school and on the last dday of the trip we got a little drunk, enough to get into that honest stage where you tell every freaking thing you dont want people to know.
So my two best friends asked me who i liked and after 10 minutes of them trying to make me tell, I said i liked his sister.. great job me >.<

But she doesn't know.
So it's been almost the whole summer and my friend and I haven't talked about that, but we still hanged out.
We went to a cafe me my friend his sister and two more friends, I have the feeling she likes me, but she probably is thinking the same as me: My best friend is her brother..

I know how lame it sounds like why would you go out with your homies sister, like what the flip dude?

So im here asking for your opinions..
Is it worth the risk that in the end i could lose her and my best friend, or that it won't work out and i will lose them both..

Even if you think i'm not a real friend even thinking about that, reply.. It could be against the bro code a little (LOT), but thats why i'm asking for opinions.


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  • ask him how he feels about it first. if he can guarantee you that he will be chill no matter the outcome because he still values the friendship regardless if you two end breaking up then I think you have your answer. but consult your best friend first. he's your BFFF.

    • Just imagine the conversation... uhh so awkward..
      but probably the right thing to do
      Just like.. uwotm8

    • if you like her that much then you will.. no must have this conversation hahaa. its like asking for his blessings lol. if you have his blessings then he's totally cool with it just make sure he's not trying to be nice and he truly means it.


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  • Hmm if it does not work out you lose a mate. I'd advice against it

  • 1) Tell your friend that you're crushing on his sister. 2) If he's fine with it, then cool. :) Or if your friend is not comfortable, then look for another girl. 3) Don't be a pussy because you don't have one if you're a guy, get the balls to TALK TO YOUR FRIEND FIRST.


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  • Basically, you gotta be somewhat serious about her. You can't -hook up- with your buddies sister. Even if she's down for it, because you're gonna keep seeing her.

    But if you really like her and vice versa go for it.

    If things end, you gotta try to make them end on good terms.

  • Young Jedi, let me ask you a very simple question.

    If you were in your friend's shoes, who would you pick to be your sister's boyfriend?

    A - Your friend that you've known for a long time, someone that you've gotten time to know and see what they're really like.


    B - A complete stranger.

  • Given that the character who invented the "Bro Code" is known for having a long string of one night stands. . .

    To HELL with the Bro Code.

  • I think you should say something to him, if that's truly your best friend he should respect your questions and talk about it. If he's not okay with you being with his sister then so be it. But it can't hurt to ask.

  • If your friend trusts you and you are looking for a respectable LTR and not just sex, I don't see why he'd have a problem with it. But if you were just like, "Yeah dude, I wanna fuck your little sister up the ass til she cries!" I could see why he might get upset.

  • I definitely know that drunk state your talking about it got me in trouble too since I told my friends who I like and they haven't stopped bugging me about asker her out. But if you truly have feeling for your friends sister I would talk to him about it. If he was a true friend he would understand and let you ask his sister out so you and her could both be happy.

    • what if i figure out if she actually likes me, and i try to figure out how to tell her brother if she does?

    • I'd honestly sit down with both of them at the same time and tell your friend that you like his sister than let her tell him that she likes you too. Then I'm sure he'll understand let you two at least try to date.