Do Girls like guys who waste A LOT of time playing games and First Person Shooter online games?

I'm a guy. i'm not a gamer but there are a pparently lots of gamers out there. There are many guys playing competitive FPS games.

I'm talking about guys who spend 4 or more hours a day playing. Like say a guy comes from work at 5. starts playing at 7 and goes on to 12 or 1am at night.

Every day.


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  • No. I couldn't date a guy that plays games for hours on end. There's other things we could be doing, I don't mind a few games here and there but I wouldn't want it to be an obsession. My sisters fiancĂ©e is glued to his COD and as soon as he's off work he grabs his headset and sits on the couch. ALL NIGHT. it would drive me insane.


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  • I like video games, but I could not play them for 4 hours every day. I might play them for a 1/2 an hour once a week. I don't mind if a guy plays videos games, but I think playing more than 4 hours everyday is a little excessive. I want to spend time with this guy, & I don't see how that is possible if he is only interested in playing video games. So I would have to pass on that guy.

  • I wouldn't say I like it, more like I tolerate it.


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